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M&P-9, CORE pistol, 5" barrel, Trijicon triangle rm08a dual illume RMR

Rifle Buffer Tube on Pistol
M&P CORE with rm08a triangle
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M&P-9 Core 5". Storm Lake threaded barrel. DeGroat Nano silencer. Crimson trace red laser grip. Crimson Trace light gaurd.
Trijicon RMR dual illume RM08a with 13 moa amber triangle.
This RMR scope uses NO electronics and NO batteries. It is ALWAY ON and NEVER OFF. Its Nuclear! The scope is weather and temperature proof.
 The scope uses surrounding light to illuminate the triangle during daytime and uses tritium to light the triangle 
24/7 for about 15 years during the low light and nightime. The flashlights 'washout' the dot..renders it not visible,
which is why the US military is moving away from this type of scope...execpt in Israel, where they are prepared for an EMP attack
(or a naturally occuring Massive Solar Flare...such as the 1859 Carrington Event, or the Massive Flare that missed earth's orbit by 9 days
in 2012.)


This is Trijicon's dual illume RMR model rm08a that has the 13 MOA triangle reticle seen aimed at the 100 yards target. 
The triangle covers 13 vertical inches at 100 yards. This scope is zero'd for 25 yards with 
9mm Subsonic ammuntion. This ammo falls 10" at 100 yards. You can use the bottom of the
triangle as an aiming point at 100 yards. 


Above is the triangle looking at the 200 yard target plates.
At 150 yards, the 9mm subsonic drops, 20 inches. The 13 MOA triangle covers 1.5x more area at 150
yards...covering 20 inches...so you can use the bottom of the triangle as a point of aim/point of impact at 150 yards.
This is similar to the 100 yard hold. So, use the tip of the triangle from 0-75 yards...the bottom at 100-150 yards.
At 200 Yards, the 9mm falls 50 inches.The 13 MOA triangle covers 26" of vertical at 200 yards.
At 200 yards, hold "two" triangles high by placing the triangle's bottom on where you want the bullet to strike...
make a note of what the tip is covering...then raise the triangle to place the bottom 
of it to what the tip was previously covering.  
 The plywood downrange is 48" from top to bottom. 
 I place the bottom of the triangle on 
the top of the 24" tall metal plate and expect the bullet to impact the bottom edge of that plate.
There is another 24" inch plate below the top plate..so they will share the bullet impact along the top plate's 
bottom edge, and the lower plate's top edge. This would equate to putting the bottom of the triangle 
on the top of a man's head and expecting the bullets to impact center mass of the torso at 200 yards.

On the left plate is a 100 yard, 10 shot group. This was fired Standing using an Abraxas 1 silencer 
using the cheapest and crappiest remanufactured 147 grain FMJ
ammo i have ever used. This produced an 18" wide (18 MOA)
group. Barrel was a storm lake threaded M&P pro 5" barrel.
Always buy a barrel from a person that has it ON HAND. 
I ordered this barrel thru Brownells with next day air shipping,
and it shipped from Storm Lake...
6 months later! 
This barrel is NOT reliable with all ammo. It has misfires and light
primer strikes with 1 in 5 rounds with cheap ammo. It runs FLAWLESS and more accurate
with Federal 147gr HST. SEE BELOW!!!

100 Yard group using 147 gr Federal HST JHP. Point of aim was putting the tip of the triangle on 
the top middle of the plate. This is using the Storm Lake barrel with no silencer. The group was about
8" wide and 13" tall with some vertical stringing. Shot from the bench.

200 Yards from the bench using 147 gr federal HST jhp. I placed the bottom of the triangle at the top middle plate. Bullets fell 50 inches,
impacting at the bottom of the top plate and the top of the bottom plates. This is a 26" group. The ballistics computer predicted 50 inches of fall and there was about 54".


I think this is getting close to a perfect handgun.
High capacity. Reliable. Accurate. Lots of available accessories.
Concealable and Carriable.
(shown with the DeGroat Nano silencer)

The lower 5 shot, 4" group is unsuppressed. The upper 5 shot group is suppressed. The 115 gr 9mm
FMJ was fired from the bench at 20 yards. Suppressed group is 4" high and 4 inches left. This
is also 20 MOA high and 20 MOA left. The group size isnt affected with the Abraxas 1 silencer,
but the silencer does change the impact point. The Abraxxas 1 and the Nano operate ONLY 
on the 5" M&P...not the 4.25". This is moot, as the Abraxas 2 has been released and has a built in booster that now works on
every semi auto pistol. It only took AWC 20 years to make the Abraxas 2 with a booster...
but they finally realeased the Abraxas 2. Same size as Abraxas 1 but with booster. The Abraxas is a wet-only
can, meaning you squirt a liquid or oil into the can so it will be quiet for about 10 shots. I put duct tape on the front to stop any leakage. The Abraxas 2 will be a valuable
tool, in that its 1" diameter is less than the width of the handgun...thus it will fit into the holster without modification. The TiRant 9s is only 4" long and also fits the bill for a wet-only, concealable and 
carryable silencer, but its 1.37" diameter makes holster carry difficult and slow to draw. 

The group on the right is unsuppressed from 25 yards. The group on the left is with the silencer attached and timed
so that the group fall directly below the point of aim. The AAC silencers have 9 positions to time the 
can and change the point of impact. POI is 6 inches low and has a 3 inch size group at 25 yards.
The RM08a triangle is 13 moa and covers 13 inches at 100...BUT it covers 3 inches at 25 yards and is perfect
for using the bottom of the triangle to compensate for the POI shift that occurs with this silencer. see pic below.